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Jewish Currents Spring Issue Launch Party - The Escalation Seder

Klezmer! Politically-inflected burlesque! A dizzying array of performers including Morgan BassichisDarlinda Just DarlindaFancy FeastUna Osato, Ethan Philbrick, and the New Jewish Culture Fellows! Dance to klezmer legends Isle of Klezbos and DJ NickAM!

Join Jewish Currents and the New Jewish Culture Fellowship on April 27th to celebrate the end of Passover and a new era in Jewish revolution.

After the Seder, we’ll have an Afikoman in the pre-rabbinic sense of the term: not a piece of matzo, but a debauched afterparty of music, revelry, and art. Just the kind of post-Seder bacchanalia the Talmudic sages feared.

***It’s a performance, not your Bubbe’s seder — so eat before you come!***