Once a month, Brooklyn Jews hosts a Friday night gathering at CBE. We begin with light nosh and beverages at 6pm in the lobby, followed by a Kabbalat Shabbat service at 6:30, and dinner afterwards, often at 7:45. Feel free to come for one or all of those components! There’s no shame in just coming for dinner. In fact, even though we like to think that our services are awesome, we know that Jewish community is really built around the dinner table.

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Brooklyn Jews High Holy Days are the centerpiece of our ritual year. We welcome people looking to get their yearly dose of Judaism as well as people who are looking for a more frequent engagement with Jewish practice. During the High Holy Days, we offer services on Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah morning, Second Day Rosh Hashanah morning (combined with CBE), Kol Nidre, Yom Kippur morning, Yom Kippur afternoon and Ne’ilah (combined with CBE). We also offer a Simchat Torah celebration at Grand Army Plaza that is a yearly favorite (It’s actually so fun. Even if you’ve never celebrated Simchat Torah in your life!). We typically also organize parties for Hanukkah and Purim, a Seder on Passover, and an all-night study session during Shavuot.

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Whether you are a newcomer to Jewish tradition or you are a seasoned reader of classical Jewish text, Brooklyn Jews offers a broad array of learning opportunities with a little something for everybody. Most of these courses take place at CBE. Email Rabbi Matt Green with any questions or to learn more.

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